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360 degree product photography equipment

You probably know what is internet shopping. Maybe you are e-commerce customer or you have your own e-business. When you are most likely to buy a product from the internet? Probably, when you are convinced to this product and you are stunned by perfect photographs. In this article I'm going to tell you about great photos, how they impact end-user and how to achieve this effect.
Look at the below images. Aren't they perfect and stunning? Yes, they are. You can say: no problem, every professional photographer can make photos like this. You're right, but it takes time, you must find a photographer with a proper software and equipment etc. When you own fashion shop and you sell online, you must take hundred of photos every months. The photos should be almost perfect, because you sell luxurious, fashionable and expensive products. It cannot look like cheap effect. What if I tell you that you can do most of the job by yourself and save lot of time and money? Here we go.

These images are called packshots or product shots. Packshot is a professional photograph of commercial product. It's very different kind of photography than digital photography or amateur photography. When it comes to product photography, everything must be under control and repeatable. You must have proper lighting, you must lie product properly, you must take a few shots and spin the product. You must take care about details, just opposite from amateur photography, huh?

It has very deep meaning. When a customer is interested in particular product, he looks for more specific information and data. If he notices good-looking photos on the ecommerce website, he will be more convinced to buy this product. Also, when you take great photographs, as a ecommerce owner you will have less returns, because customers see the product exactly as it is. So, the colour is real, proportions are real, details are real. Presenting products through stunning images is a good way to attracts customers and increase your sales online. Still unconvinced? Please keep reading.

It's only beginning. Nowadays we are able to make 360 degree photographs as well. You can see these examples as above. Do you like it? Would you be convinced to buy a product with photographs like these? I would be, for sure. Above presentations are fully interactive. You can spin this photograph, zoom in or zoom out or move. As an e-commerce owner, you'll get packshot plugin to your webstore.

What are possible applications of packshot photography? I've seen many of products that were photographed. It were clothes, shoes, jewellery, car counterpart, mobile phones, watches, vases, toys, food, plants and many more. You are probably interested in how it is possible to get this stunning effect? I'm talking about these solutions, from experts of automated product photography.

You can ask: what is so special in their offer? So, there are a few factors. Do you know that this solution removes completely background from photographed object, so the object can be transparent? You can get 30 photo shoots in 3 minutes, with removed background. If you have any questions, their support will be happy to answer you.

Now, you are able to prepare professional photographs by yourself. No photographer knowledge is required. If you make 100 photos a month or more, it may be good solution for you. Any comments, please share.

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