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Google Adsense doesn't pull preview of desktop website in auto ads

Many people cannot set up Google Adsense auto ads on their website because a  preview of their website is not displaying. In this post I'll explain how to fix it.We're talking about the following situation:
Google Adsense doesn't pull desktop preview of Auto ads

Mobile preview is visible, but desktop not. So Adsense publisher can't set up auto ads on desktop version of website. In a nutshell, this bug is related to your website layout. Of course you can change your layout, temporary or permanent, but then auto ads algoritm will be confused, because you will change auto ads setting on different layout than default one.

Below are some steps you should execute with Firefox browser.

  1. Download Styllus add-on [link]
  2. Install it. After installing it, click on Styllus icon, then Option. Find Button Import
  3. Download the following file [link]
  4. Import this style to Styllus add-on
  5. Reload Adsense page.

If everything went well, you should spot Styllus icon showing 1 (1 script loaded) to the website. Also, desktop preview for auto ads should be visible. So now you are able to set up auto ads on your desktop version of website. Please share your opinion about this solution. I'll post the issue to Google.

Follow the steps and desktop preview should be visible

I spotted minor disadvantage. Mobile preview is changed too, so if you want to set up auto ads on mobile, you should temporary disable this style in Styllus.

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