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Free and convenient pdf editor for Windows

 In this article I will give you some hints, how to edit pdf files for free.

If you have already purchased Microsoft Office for home users and small companies, you have the option. First step is to run Microsoft Work. Just click on shortcut on your desktop or type a work in a Windows search field. Then you should choose an option File->Open and then select existing pdf from your disk. Next step is to make some necessary changes in the pdf content. Change dates, highlight text, remove some content, insert table, change personal data etc. At the end you should select an option File->Export and select to pdf/xps. You should keep in mind that you are editing original pdf and sometimes it's better not to change the original pdf, but save the output to new file. So change the pdf name and add suffix or prefix, just to differentiate its name. After this, you will have two pdf files on you disk with different names-one original and one modified.
Editing pdf in Microsoft Word

Give some hints in the comment how you cope with editing pdf on windows. Both, free and paid versions of applications can be considered.

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